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Family Karate Center, IKA and You

SokeIn 1953, the International Karate Association was formed in Tokyo, Japan by Takayuki Kubota. Since its inception, the primary goal of the IKA has been to promote traditional Japanese karate. In 1964, Master Kubota relocated to the United States and settled in Los Angeles, California. Due to his extraordinary abilities, Master Kubota attracted a group of very talented, hard working students that formed the nucleus of the new headquarters of the IKA. Since that time, the IKA has grown to well over 50,000 members in its branches in 72 different countries.

Under Master Kubota's leadership, the IKA has achieved widespread recognition in the karate world, and has made an important contribution to the martial arts. Master Kubota developed his own system of karate he named Gosoku Ryu (hard fast style) which he originated in 1988. It was accepted as a legitimate style by the Federation of all Japanese Karate Organizations (FAJKO) and Master Kubota was recognized as the soke (originator) and awarded 10th degree black belt.

At purple belt (7th kyu) you will be invited to become a member of this great organization-the IKA. You will be able to acquire your own IKA rank certificate (as well as your FKC rank certificate) from then on and be recognized world wide as legitimate. We are proud and honored to be accepted as the headquarters of IKA in Washington state.

Kyoshi Martin received his 7th degree black belt from Soke Kubota when he was in Bellevue, WA in June 2013. He was subsequently promoted to Kyoshi and is now an 8th degree black belt. He earned his 6th degree black belt from Soke Kubota at the world-wide exam held at the honbu (headquarters) in Los Angeles in 1994. He received his "shihan" title from Soke himself following his 5th degree exam in 1988.

Soke Takayuki Kubota is not only a great karate-ka but a great man. One of his great sayings is, "the most important thing you need is a good heart. You can always work to get faster, stronger, and smarter. But if you don't have a good heart, you can't get one." This saying holds true for the man himself, and for the organization known worldwide for its strong fighters. He truly is a great man, and the IKA a great organization!

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