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Family Karate Center (FKC)

(International Karate Association of WA State)
12011 19th Ave SE, Everett, WA 98208 (map to dojo)
Phone: 425-344-2170 | Email:
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At the Family Karate Center, the instructors have created a fun and challenging environment for teaching the finer points of karate and self-defense. They do it in a way that is beneficial for both children and parents. At FKC, not only do you learn karate, you learn how to push yourself to the limit, both physically and mentally. The many instructors at FKC are very skilled at their trade and will not hesitate to take the extra time to pass on their knowledge to anyone who is willing learn and to sweat a little. We are thankful that our family has the opportunity to learn and grow at the Family Karate Center and have fun doing it.

~The Browns~ (Kevin, Julie, McKenzie, and Andrew)


Our family truly enjoys coming to the Family Karate Center to learn to defend ourselves, to improve our self confidence, physical conditioning, self discipline, and strength of mind among other things. We have found that Shihan and the rest of the black belt instructors are very knowledgeable, easy and fun to work with, have the ability to adjust to the needs of each student, and encourage all of us to practice and do our best. Furthermore, here at the FKC, we not only learn and train with amazing black belt teachers, but we also learn and train from other wonderful higher ranks and each other. Here, we have met an awesome group of people and always look forward to spending our time learning and training together. 

~The Winecoff Family~ (Natalia, Christine, and Andrew)

When we were looking for a karate class for our son, we wanted one that wasn’t just a “belt mill”, but one that would emphasize character as well as teaching high quality karate. We found that and more with Family Karate Center! It was so great for our son that our three girls and I joined as well. We highly recommend it for anyone – individuals, and especially families! What a great thing to do – a common activity for the whole family!

~The Corwin Family~ (Lisa, Mitch, Amanda, Elaina, and Megan)

We started our son Connor taking karate about two years ago. He needed the physical discipline karate offers. Now, all of us, mom, dad and all three of our children take Karate. We enjoy the skills we are learning, the physical exercise in a non-threatening environment, training with great people, and not having to drive everywhere for different activities. We are thankful for Kyoshi Martin causing his son Sensei Brian to teach us along with volunteers like Shihan Dai Leo Gonzalez, Shihan Dai Richard Higbee and Sensei Mark Glover. They are great teachers and a lot of fun. This is why we stay enrolled at Family Karate Center.

~The McGwire Family~ (Beth, Pete, Connor, Sarah, Colin)