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Rank Exams

All rank exams are of two parts: the written and the performance. Those who are chosen to test will be notified two weeks before the exam. You will then begin your qualifying phase in which you will be given your technical test (blue stripe), your physical test (yellow stripe), and your written test (white stripe). When you have all of these stripes and your instructor feels you qualify in kata, goshindo, and kumite, you will be told you are qualified/ready to test (green stripe).

Rank Exams will be given to all students at all ranks. We know that testing for some is an ordeal and some of you may actually suffer from “Test Anxiety”. Some will think it is unfair to put these students in the testing situation. However, we are preparing you for survival in the street, and the street in totally unforgiving. So get over it. If you feel that testing in front of people or in front of a board of Black Belts judging you is too much for you, get over it. And here is how. Practice! Practice! Practice! Practice until you cannot do it wrong. Train your muscles so it is your muscles that will remember the way it is done. This is called “Muscle Memory”. Your conscious mind will not even have to show up.

Please note that these Rank Exam Forms also serve as your Rank Requirements. This is what you will learn and on this you will be tested. Do not forget, you are not only required to remember what you have learned before in your lower ranks, but you are also expected to improve them. This goes for waza, kata, goshindo, and kumite. We always look at your A&E, your Attitude and Effort. We are turning out quality black belts that not only understand karate but more importantly, Karate-do, the Way of Karate. Here is the link to the rank exam schedule and be sure to refer to items in the welcome packet for for answers to your written exams.

If you are ready early you will learn Extra Credit Material that others won't get until later in their curriculum. That is the reward for practice! Practice! Practice! Practice!

Classes teach you what and how to practice. Practice teaches you karate. Practice with friends! They will become your best and closest friends ever! Or even better, practice with your family!

Rank Exam Forms Written Tests Written Kata
Rank Exam Form White to Yellow Yellow Belt - 10th Kyu White to Yellow and Yellow to Orange
Rank Exam Form Yellow to Orange Orange Belt - 9th Kyu
Rank Exam Form Orange to Blue Blue Belt - 8th Kyu Orange to Blue
Rank Exam Form Blue to Purple7 Purple Belt - 7th Kyu Blue to Purple7
Rank Exam Form Purple7 to Purple6 Purple Belt - 6th Kyu Purple7 to Purple6
Rank Exam Form Purple6 to Green5 Green Belt - 5th Kyu Purple6 to Green5
Rank Exam Form Green5 to Green4 Green Belt - 4th Kyu Green5 to Green4
Rank Exam Form Green4 to Brown3 Brown Belt - 3rd Kyu Green4 to Brown3
Rank Exam Form Brown3 to Brown2 Brown Belt - 2nd Kyu Brown3 to Brown2
Rank Exam Form Brown2 to Brown1 Brown Belt - 1st Kyu Brown2 to Brown1
Rank Exam Form Brown1 to Shodan-Ho Written Karate Essay Brown1 to Shodan-Ho
Rank Exam Form Shodan-Ho to Shodan Written Karate Essay Shodan-Ho to Shodan

*All files are password protected. Passwords are provided by Kyoshi as appropriate based upon your rank.