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Family Karate Center (FKC)

(International Karate Association of WA State)
12011 19th Ave SE, Everett, WA 98208 (map to dojo)
Phone: 425-344-2170 | Email:
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How to Get Started

First: Call Us! We will be happy to hear from you and will answer any questions you ask. Please ask about prices and times, but also ask a lot more! I know you probably don't know very much about what to ask, so let us help. Ask about the instructor, his experience, his background. Ask what it takes to get a black belt. How long does it take? Ask us how long the school has been here. Ask, does the school eagerly try to get new students? Ask if we are more of a business, or a school. Ask for the directions to our school!

Second: Try it out! We will help you make an appointment for your free introductory lesson. After joining we will teach you your first lessons off to the side until you feel comfortable. Then it will be easy to join the rest of the class. It's as easy as that!

Third: Enroll! Join us month to month or a year at a time. We will go all out to make your time at Family Karate Center a time that will affect your life in a very positive way. We will treat you with great respect. You've always wanted to know this stuff and now is the time! It's fun! It's interesting! It's challenging! It's exciting! Be proud and confident!

Fourth: Learn! You will learn basic karate technique. You will learn about your body and how to achieve maximum speed, power, and balance. You will learn about primary, secondary, and verve targets. You will learn how to manipulate joints. You will learn how to escape from many different situations including being grabbed, choked, held, slapped, and pushed. You will learn about your natural reflexes versus trained responses. And all of this is taught in a fun and interesting way.

Do it now before you need it!

See class schedule for specific class times.