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Sensei Salvador “Alex” Castruita

3rd Degree

Sensei Alex Castruita

Sensei Alex has been training under Kyoshi Martin (who was Sensei Martin back then) since 1976 at age 28. He received his first black belt in 1979 at age 31. He is known as one of the all time great fighters and has even recently won a silver medal at a big tournament in Southern California in the open Kumite division at age 62 as a middle weight.

Sensei Alex has also studied weapons with World Weapons Champion Shihan Dai Richard Higbee. He is now appreciating the kata of karate and has dedicated his training to Kyoshi Martin’s 13 Elements of Kata training. He is also teaching Kumite to all the willing students who train at FKC.

Among his favorite memories of karate is going to the first IKA World Cup Karate Tournaments in LA. They had not put our team on the draw for team fighting and the only place left was to fight the Japanese team which happened to have Master Kubota’s nephew on it. The team was worried but then started to think of the glory of a win over the Japanese team. Our FKC team beat them in the first round and went all the way to the finals against an outstanding Canadian team.

Other favorite memories are all of the AAU Grand National Championship Karate Tournaments we went to in Chicago, New Orleans, New York, Toronto, and as coach for the karate kids in the Jr. Olympics in San Antonio, Texas. He was also on the Code 10 team of Black Belt teachers who saved 30 kids from being kicked out of North Middle School.

Among Sensei Alex’s favorite sayings are saying from our team RV trip to LA. We stayed at campgrounds and at night Sensei Alex would be in charge of sending everyone off to sleep with “It’s Buenos Noches time”. Then in the morning he would go around to each tent and announce, “Its Morning time”; all said in his finest Mexican accent. Everyone loves remembering those words…even today…almost 30 years later.

Sensei Alex is a mechanic of the highest order. He spent over 29 years working for Jansport as their top sewing machine mechanic. They had him travel the world fixing sewing machines because he was the only one that could analyze the problem and do such intricate work.

Besides karate and kobudo, Sensei Alex likes to play golf and go camping. He camps the hard way…in one those mammoth luxury bus type RV campers with his wife Debbie. Alex is one of the nicest guys in the dojo and the best tournament fighter of all time.