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Shihan Dai Jim Staniford

4th Degree

Sensei Jim
On June 15th, 2013, Jim Staniford went before Soke Takayuki Kubota,10th dan the creator of Gosoku Ryu Karate and the founder/president of the International Karate Association to test for his 4th dan. He passed in flying colors and was rewarded with the title of Shihan Dai.

Shihan Dai Jim started training at age 18 under 1st degree Black Belt Sensei Bob Martin, and since 1973 and has been training under now Kyoshi Martin, 8th dan …over 40 years. He received his first black belt in 1994 at age 42. Shihan Dai Jim is the perfect example of the saying, “Never Quit.”

Shihan Dai Jim is a demanding teacher of karate. He loves to teach His experience in the street gives him a strength that few have in teaching sparring and “Goshindo” – situation self defense. He is the one who helped Kyoshi devise our current system to make your climb to the top smooth, demanding, and efficient. Kyoshi Martin is proud of Shihan Dai Jim Staniford for creating a kata that combines all five Kihon Kata into one. It has enough creativity for the mid and higher belts to review all the Kihon Katas by merely performing just one kata: “Subete No Kihon Kata”.

Shihan Dai Jim is the owner of the Vintage Café in downtown Everett with his wife Karen. They also have commercial real estate holdings. Jim has also been a crane operator, worked on tug boats as a deck hand, and is a gourmet cook and can fix just about any problem that comes up and he does…daily. His favorite hobbies outside of karate are the Silvertips Hockey Team (he loves them) and being an active member of the downtown Everett Rotary Club. Shihan Dai also likes baseball, wrestling, UFC fights, and most of all he loves his wife’s Honey-Do List.

His favorite saying is “The early bird catches the worm, but it is the second mouse that gets the cheese.” And since he likes cheese better than worms, he sleeps in and takes pride in being the second mouse.

Shihan Dai Jim’s favorite karate memories are failing his Purple Belt test, and failing his Black Belt test all under Kyoshi Martin (back then it was Sensei Martin and later Shihan Martin). What he liked about it was not the failing part but learning how to deal with failure in a positive way…making lemonade out of lemons. Shihan Dai and Kyoshi had many trips to LA to the John Gehlsen Memorial Tournament, now called the All Star Tournament. He especially remember his battles with Honbu brown belt Ahman Ikram.

He takes pride in being our most senior Orange Belt holding that rank for a record 8 long years. He knows that it is not the speed at which you learn, what is important is that you learn. In fact he will tell you that learning is more important than winning. But don’t misunderstand; Shihan Dai Jim is very competitive.