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Shihan Dai Mark Glover

4th Degree

Sensei Mark GloverShihan Dai Mark has been training under Kyoshi Martin, since 1993. He received his first black belt in 1998 at age 42. He trains hard, sweats plenty and is in great shape especially for his age. He loves to teach and he teaches cheerfully, simply for the love of Karate. He is a favorite to all who know him.

Shihan Dai Mark currently works as a Registered Nurse with an Orthopedic Specialty at a local hospital, after having retired from a 29 year career as a Police Officer, SWAT Officer, and Detective.

He once sponsored a training exercise with the Lynnwood SWAT vs Family Karate Center Black Belt Bad Guys. They said we could have six people on our team, two of which were hostages. FKC being the streeters and knowing that “Streeters are Cheaters” sneaked in a seventh on a roof top with binoculars and radio to inform his teammates what the SWAT boys were up to. He was the first one caught. FKC also set up dummies in a dark room where they figured (rightly so) the SWAT Team would gain entrance. The SWAT Team was not fooled. Then the SWAT canine people let their two big German Shepherd dogs off lead to come after FKC freely. It was a close fight to the finish. Mutual respect, fun chat and pizza followed.

Shihan Dai is excellent at Kobudo (the way of Weapons) and carries all of his weapons in a complicated case that he designed and made himself and can carry in one hand. Inside were 3-bo, 2-sai, a jo, a tsue (cane), 5-nunchaku, a yawara stick, a bamboo shinai, and sometimes an Eku (Oar); He would have a set of Tonfa in there too if he could find a pair with handles he liked. He trained with National Weapons Champion Kyoshi Martin and World Weapons Champion Shihan Richard Higbee.

Mark is deaf in his left ear and so one had to be on his right side to converse with him…but no more. Shihan Dai has been fitted with state-of-the-art hearing aids in both ears and can now hear better than his fellow Black Belts.

Besides Karate and Kobudo, he likes water skiing, biking, and reading. His favorite karate memories are working out in the Black Belt classes and a certain class on how NOT to punch. His care and control make him an ideal training partner; however he will gladly give as good as he gets without showing any change in facial expression.

His favorite sayings are, “I recognize the positive effect martial arts training can have on anyone at almost any age.” “You can do it.” (in a Rob Schneider voice).