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Shihan Dai Tim Buchanan

4th Degree

Shihan Dai Tim BuchananOn June 15th, 2013, Tim Buchanan went before Soke Takayuki Kubota,10th dan the creator of Gosoku Ryu Karate and the founder/president of the International Karate Association to test for his 4th dan. He passed in flying colors and was rewarded with the title of Shihan Dai.

Shihan Dai Tim has been training under Kyoshi Martin since 1990 starting at age 39. He received his first black belt in March of 1994 at age 43 on only his second try. Shihan Dai Tim is a perfectionist in his karate. He trains hard and is in great shape especially for his age. He loves to teach and he is the one who will iron out any problems you may have. In fact he will iron out problems you don’t know you have and cannot find. He is that good.

If you want to know what hard work is, follow Shihan Dai Tim around for a day. He starts early and works late. Then he goes home and works some more. Shihan Dai is a General Contractor both in building and remodeling houses he is also a perfectionist. If you need something done right and you need it done completely; if you need someone you can always trust and depend on, Shihan Dai Tim is the one. For a while he followed in the family business owning a large 5 star motel, a family restaurant and a fitness center.

Shihan Dai Tim’s favorite karate memories are from the IKA World Cup Karate Tournament in Los Angeles in 1994. It was his first time out as a Black Belt and he had to fight two of the former champions of the tournament. He scored points on both of them including the famous creator of Tai Bo, Billy Blanks.

Besides karate, Shihan Dai Tim likes to ride his beautiful black Harley Davidson with his wife Tara. They love to travel the back roads and see things most of us miss. He is also a very accomplished saxophone player, and has played his alto and tenor sax in different rock bands.

He is a compassionate teacher and partner. His favorite sayings are “Are you more than what you’ve become?” “You can become anything you pretend to be.” And “Fake it, ‘til you make it.”