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Shihan Richard Higbee

5th Degree

Shihan Dai Richard HigbeeOn June 15, 2013, Richard Higbee went before Soke Takayuki Kubota, 10th dan, the creator of Gosoku Ryu Karate and the founder/president of the International Karate Association, to test for his 5th dan. He passed in flying colors and was rewarded with the title of Shihan…Master Teacher.

Shihan Richard wrestled for 6 years before beginning his karate training in March of 1986 at age 26 under then Sensei Martin. He achieved his black belt four years later in July of 1990 at age 30.

He is an AAU National Grand Karate Champion, silver medalist in 1990 Goodwill Games and an IKA World Cup gold medalist in weapons (tonfa), and bronze medal in sparring. He has competed in IKA World Cup Tournaments in the USA, Poland, Japan, and Australia.

His favorite sayings are, “The Study of Karate is a lifelong endeavor.” “Show kindness, for you never know when you will need it.” “Do unto others as they would do unto you…but do it first.” “Remember, there is no first attack in karate.” Karate has given my life focus…the ability to exert my energies on a straight and true path.

Shihan Higbee works for the state as an Inspector and a materials tester. He has worked as a tree topper, surveyor, construction carpenter, boat builder, and martial arts instructor.

His fondest memories in karate is the camaraderie he has found not only in the dojo of Family Karate Center, but in the IKA family from around the world. He has studied Jiu-jitsu, Iaido, and the many weapons of Kobudo, including the bo, tonfa, sai, jo, nunchaku as well as the bamboo shihai of Kendo. His favorite sports outside of karate are both water and snow skiing, motorcycle riding, and wrestling with the grand children.

Higbee, like his instructor, has one leg significantly shorter than the other due to a broken left femur (thigh bone). This has caused him to have trouble with both knees over time. This being said and being in his 50’s, he still trains regularly and was complimented by Soke Kubota during his test. He recently had the upper lobe of his right lung removed to cut out the cancer doctors recently found there. “I now have less lung capacity and therefore less stamina. But karate has given me the courage and mindset to face my meanest enemy…cancer. At this time I am cancer free.”

Shihan Richard is a strong and powerful fighter whose control of that strength and power is welcomed by all he goes against. He is also a fine kata man in both empty hands and with weapons. This is not that common in a man with his size and attributes. But most of all, Shihan Richard is just what his title states…he is a Master Teacher.