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Karate Classes

In our school, Kyoshi Martin has written out what he calls the 13 Elements of Karate Training. Once a student has acquired these 13 Elements, that student is ready for their Black Belt. To acquire these 13 Elements, our students are given certain requirements at each rank or belt color called “Kyu” or degrees under Black Belt. The kyu begin at tenth kyu and go to first kyu before changing to “Dan” (pronounced “dawn”) which are the Black Belt ranks. Dan ranking goes from 1st to 10th.

Beginners – Our white belts (beginners) are expected to make mistakes. In fact they are required to make mistakes. We want our beginners to feel so comfortable the don’t mind trying to do what they are not yet good at. We emphasize the word yet. The word can’t is not allowed in our dojo (training room) unless it is accompanied by the word yet. Each level in our school is given a list of requirement to learn and to practice and achieve an expected level of skill. White, yellow, orange, and blue belts are considered beginner level here at Family Karate Center. Elements to conquer: 1 – 4.

Intermediate – At purple belt, which is 7 kyu in our system, you have reached a certain level of skill you are expected to maintain and improve. That level of skill increases with each rank. Not only for what they are learning new for each level but for each and every previous level. Our students learn new skills and increase their overall skill level. Purple 7th kyu, purple 6th kyu, green 5th kyu, and green 4th kyu are considered intermediate level here at Family Karate Center. Elements to conquer: 5 – 8.

Intermediate-Advanced – At Brown belt which is 3rd kyu in our system, you are reached a higher skill level beyond intermediate. At this level you are learning still higher skill levels, more difficult skills and are ready to be toughened up for that next step up to Black Belt. This is where time is spent refining all of the individual techniques, combination techniques, kata (forms) from white belt on up, fighting skills that work best for your body type, your skill set, plus your mental and spiritual attitude. Brown 3rd kyu, brown 2nd kyu and brown 1st kyu are considered intermediate-advanced level here at Family Karate Center. Elements to conquer: 9-11.

Avanced – Your first test for Black Belt takes a least one year. A Family Karate Center, if you pass your first exam to wear a Black Belt it is to wear that Black Belt on probation for one year. During those 12 months you will be judged by your senior Black Belts, taught by your senior Black Belts and hopefully accepted by your fellow Black Belts into the Yudanshia Kai (the Black Belt Organization). After those 12 months you will be invited to test yet again. It is at that time the Senior panel of Black Belts, all with more than 20 years as a Black Belt themselves, will decide if you are worthy of being one of them. At that time you will receive your full Shodan, first degree Black Belt and your Black Belt Certification as a FKC Yudanshia  Kai member. Elements to conquer: 12-13.

Mom and Me/Dad and Me Kinderate is a class for our youngest members and a parent. This class is designed for both the child and the parent so they can train together…not only in the dojo, but at home together as well. Designed for ages 3-7. Here is the link to additional supporting Kinderate material.

See class schedule for specific class times.