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The Etiquette of Karate

1. A Karate-Ka respectfully bows toward the Shoman as he enters or leaves the dojo (training area) regardless of anyone being present.

2. A Karate-Ka addresses his instructor with the proper title: Shihan, Sensei, Sempai.

3. Always upon entering or leaving the dojo, a Karate-Ka shows respect to the instructor by bowing and saying "Oss."

4. A Karate-Ka listens to and respects the words of higher ranking students.

5. A Karate-Ka does not argue with his Shihan, Sensei, or any officer of the dojo; however, questions are always welcome.

6. The beginners and/or lower ranking students will sit to the right of the higher ranking students.

7. A Karate-Ka, when late must first bow onto the floor, meditate while kneeling, bow to the shomen, then ask the instructor permission to join class.

8. A Karate-Ka should ask permission from Shihan, Sensei, or any officer of the dojo, if it is necessary to be excused before the regular time.

9. A Karate-Ka should keep himself or herself clean. Uniforms should be washed regularly and toenails and fingernails clipped for neatness and safety ( See General Karate Policies).

10. Both inside and outside the dojo, students shall behave with dignity.