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Family Karate Center (FKC)

(International Karate Association of WA State)
12011 19th Ave SE, Everett, WA 98208 (map to dojo)
Phone: 425-344-2170 | Email:
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Special Classes

KARATE WEAPONS: Traditional study of the Bo, Jo, Nunchaku, Tonfa, Sai, Kama, And Tsu (Cane)

KUBOTON: The defense key chain stick that is a wonderful self defense tool developed by our own Master Takayuki Kubota and used by police.

JIU-JUITSU: Learn to techniques and principles of using an attacker's energy against him, rather than directly opposing it. Class is taught by our partners Bulldog MMA. Check it out.

WOMEN'S SELF DEFENSE (WSD): Our WSD is a serious class for women, young women and girls who want that genuine confidence of how to survive in an attack. Check it out.

See class schedule page for specific class times.