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Women's Self Defense (WSD)

Women's Self Defense (WSD): Our WSD is a serious class for women, young women and girls who want that genuine confidence of how to survive in an attack. You will be taught the combined arts of Verbal Judo - talking confidently sometimes directly about the situation in front of you and sometimes talking indirectly around the situation in front of you.

This is combined with real street wise techniques to attack or counterattack the rapist, molester, or violent domestic partner that is coming after you. You will not be victim. Your attacker will be shocked at who he has in front of him when he thinks he has a roll-over victim before him.

This call is taught by Kyoshi Robert Martin, 6th degree black belt in Shito Ryu and Gosoku Ryu Karate and who has 45 years of experience with this area. Kyoshi Martin is also the author of "The Rage to Survive" on this very subject.

See class schedule page for specific class times.